Nilay Shastry




Civil, Crime, Family, Immigration Law




Nilay first qualified as an Attorney at Law in New York, where he handled all forms of civil and criminal matters. He brings his wealth of advocacy experience from New York. Prior to becoming a Barrister, he was a solicitor.

Criminal Law

Nilay accepts instructions in County Court in all civil matters, including credit hire claims.

Family Law

Nilay practices all areas of family law. Nilay represents each client with the empathy needed with sensitive conditions that arises in family situations.

In terms of his private children practice he represents clients in contact cases, relocation and adoption cases. Due to his international experience, solicitors regularly instruct him in relocation cases.

Nilay accepts instructions in all aspects of financial relief – ranging from pre-nuptial agreements to ancillary relief cases.

Nilay accepts instructions in emergency situations involving prohibited steps orders and non-molestation orders.

Business Immigration

Nilay accepts instructions in all areas of business immigration. He is available to provide guidance to businesses and organisations on complying with the employment of non-EU employees. He has been appointed as a Level 1 User for businesses and organisations employing non-EU employees.

As such, he assists his clients in complying with the employment of non-EU employees by drafting employment contracts and writing employment manuals.

Criminal Law

Nilay regularly appears in the Magistrates Court. Nilay has prosecuted and defended in Magistrates Court involving a variety of offences, including violence, public order, benefit fraud and animal welfare. Nilay is experienced with both prosecuting and defending in the Youth Court.

Direct Access

Nilay is Direct Access Accredited and can deal with members of the public directly on this basis. He accepts instructions on a Direct Access basis in immigration, criminal and family cases. If you wish to instruct Nilay directly please contact one of his Direct Access clerks.


Gujarati (Fluent)

Hindi (Conversational)

Terms of Instruction 

Nilay’s terms of business are the Standard Contractual Terms for the Supply of Legal Services by Barristers to Authorised Persons 2012 or such other terms as have been agreed. A copy of the standard terms can be downloaded using the following link.

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